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Body Fat Calculator

Use a body fat calculator. It is always helpful to know where you are. Your measure is not so important as whether or not it is going up or down and how fast it is doing so.

With weight loss you want the measure to go down, but not so fast as you are not eating well. Again, it comes down to balancing your caloric intake with your exercise.

If you are eating say 500 calories per day less than what you are expending then your weight loss can be expected to be in the range of 1 pound per week. Note: If you find that after a few weeks you are not losing any weight then check your calorie count. If you are happy with your count you should go see your doctor.

My preferred method of estimating body fat is with a caliper. They are readily available. The supplier of the caliper always gives you a table or a calculator. Here is a sample of a three site skinfold test. This gives you the basic idea. As I develop my website I will link to a couple of good sites for this test.

I measure my body fat at about 15%. I am happy with this. I have been lower but am not comfortable with maintaining it. My lifestyle, caloric intake and exercise regime keeps me at about 15%. How accurate is it? Who cares? I know it is not 9% and I know it is not 25%. Here is a table that gives you a rough idea of where you might want to be.

Use your body fat calculator once a month. Chart your progress so that you can see how your weight loss or toning program is working.

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