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Calorie Chart � Four Types

A calorie chart is a must for a fitness solution. The first two I am going to discuss are the least talked about and yet the most important. They are the food label and your personal run chart. The personal run chart is your best chance at success when trying to lose (or gain) weight.

What you are probably looking for are the more common charts. Here are some good easy to read samples.

calorie counter, running calories

I have always found these charts somewhat ambiguous. What is sedentary? I think I am very active, but my wife thinks I am only moderately active. You can see how these charts can possibly lead you down the wrong path.

Case Study: A 200 pound 30 year old man works at an office job, walks his dog for thirty minutes three times a week and plays baseball (hockey if you live in Canada or Minneapolis) once a week with the boys. His interpretation of the chart is that he is moderately active. He doesn�t read the food labels and counts his calories by estimate to try and balance at about 3000 calories per day. He doesn�t count popcorn and beer and wonders why he is gaining wait and doesn�t feel comfortable in front of the mirror?

Case Study 2: Same Guy. He reads my website. Now he starts to read the food labels to get a bit of improvement on how he counts calories. He writes down his calories every day and charts daily calories, 7 day average, and 14 day average. He adds the popcorn and beer and finds out that he averages 500 calories a day more than he thought. Well, now he knows what to do. He has a choice. Less calorie intake or do an extra 500 calories a day of exercise.

See the difference? If you do not count your calories with your own calorie chart you are not going to succeed at a fitness lifestyle.

Here is a food label. Simply read the serving size and note the calories. In this sample a 19 gram serving has 68 calories. Make life easy. A 20 gram serving has 70 calories. Get a scale. They are abundant and inexpensive on the internet. You soon get to learn what 20 grams looks like and feels like. Believe me, once you start weighing and counting your food, it doesn't take long to get a real good sense of what things weigh (and how many calories they have!)

calorie count, lose weight, diet

Here is a good site on how to read a food label.

If you would like a copy of my run chart please contact me and I will send you an excel spread sheet complete with graph.

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