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Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Why understand basic anatomy and physiology? Well � it�s like this. People in top condition have a good understanding of the human body, or at least they have people around them with a pretty good understanding. For me, I listen to my body very carefully. When something doesn't feel right I know where to go because I know a bit about my anatomy. A lot of time people get an ache or a pain and they decide that it is time to rest - usually exactly the wrong thing to do. For example, I am prone to getting cramps when I do intense workouts, like long bike rides. I know that de-hydration is a big factor so I experiment with how much fluid I take and when I take it. Better than just stopping the workouts isn't it. It really pays to know your body and how it works!

Your body is very unique and you will increase your performance with better knowledge of how it works.

I like to compare it to electricity. We don�t really know what electricity is! But, we certainly know how it behaves!

Likewise: our bodies. We need to know how our bodies behave.

We feed our bodies fuel � we add oxygen and our activity uses the two to create energy. That is the basic process that we need to know. Understanding how to take advantage of the process will take some discipline of diet and exercise.

Here are the basics from which we will build.

  • Blood flow and the Heart,
  • Oxygen flow and the Lungs, ,
  • Efficiency of absorbing oxygen, ,
  • Converting food to energy. ,

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