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Popular Fad Diets

Popular fad diets are not a miracle cure. There are many things worth trying and there are things not worth trying. This web page looks at both.

Here is the latest - and it is really good information. We all like to sleep right? Well, here is the sleep diet.

Many products are sold based on �improved health�. Smoking advertising had a health angle at one point. I am not trying to scare you off of looking at diets. Just read them and listen to the reviews before they become your menu.

Stick to the food guide and the food pyramid.

Do you smoke?

Do you drink?

Consider quitting both.

Smoking does not do anything for your health.

Alcohol does nothing for your health.

Smoking. One day no one will smoke. There is no benefit to smoking. I quit smoking with the help of an excellent book. I am going to display it on my web site as soon as I can. Nicotine is nasty nasty stuff. Stay away from it. Never give up trying to quit.

Alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant. It dehydrates your body. Withdrawal symptoms are immediate. If you average more than 3 drinks a day and/or consume 8 or more drinks at a sitting you could be an alcoholic. You might just be a heavy drinker. Alcoholics have a hard time quitting. Heavy drinkers can just quit. I quit drinking almost two years ago. I have never felt better.

Diets. There are many fad diet types. They all make claims and usually the claims have some merit. You will notice that when a diet becomes popular in the market it does not stay popular forever. Like music, diets hit the top 10 or top 40 and then they just kind of disappear.

I have found some reviews of generally healthy diets written by professionals.

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